by thelittlesecrets
 I had to wake up really early to get the train in Tikkurila. I had to wait more than an hour in the station, and I thought I was lost, but finally, I asked to a woman, and I knew I was in the right way. The trip was around 3h, and it was really nice becuse I met an old man, who talked me about Finland history.
Once I arrived in Seinäjoki, I sitted in the first bank I saw, to wait to the bus to Alajärvi. In the bus-station I met some people from the work-camp (we knew we were going to the same place because all of us was wearing a big bag and we look lost). I met a French girl, Chez Republic brothers, Hungarian girls and one Stonian.
In the bus I sitted with te french girl, because we spoke more between us than with the others, and we travelled for 1h.
Finally we arrived to Alajärvi, and our host was waiting for us in the car-station. He drove us to the house we are staying in (Nellimarkka Museo). In the house there were two more guys (south corean girl and a french boy). In the room, I’m with the French girl, South Corean girl and another Spanish boy.
Then, the Spanish boy, the Stonian girl and I went to the nearest lake by bike (with very old ones). It was amazing!!!! You have some pictures after the text. 
Finally, we had dinner and went to sleep. That was all the SECOND DAY IN FINLAND.

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